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János Marschalkó

Husband of Hedvig Giergl, the sister of glass artist Henrik Giergl. He studied in Vienna, and settled down in 1847 in Budapest after study trips in Germany, Paris, Italy. His most well-known creations are the four lions at the bridgehead of the Chain Bridge (1852), the figure in front of the Military Cemetery in Debrecen, the ??Dying Lion? which commemorates the war of freedom in 1848-49, and the Holy Trinity Sculpture in Csongrád. He worked on the sculptures of the basilica of Kassa, the church of Fót, the Csokonai Theater of Debrecen, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Redoute, the Rudas Spa etc., and he finished the busts of Kazinczy and Kölcsey which where incomplete after the death of Isván Ferenczy. He had six children among others János Pál Marschalkó, judge, judiciary writer, undersecretary, author of several judiciary books and Richárd Marschalkó mechanical engineer. His grandchild was architect Béla Marschalkó.

János Marschalkó - Sculptor
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